Rick Pizzoli

Managing Director - Sales Force Europe
Ashok is our Regional Manager for the Middle East and has been very successful helping our international clients penetrate the Gulf region. He is professional, methodical, and delivers on his commitments. I will continue to bring more opportunities to Ashok in the future.

Ahmad Altarawneh, P.E., MBA

Exclusive Distributor at RMC Project Management for: 4 Countries ( Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan & S. Sudan)
An excellent professional who always gets the job done with the least amount of guidance.

Mr. Antonio Machado (Chairman),Mr. Joao Sineiro (International Manager)

We achieved a 97% success rate in UAE & Qatar markets and are thankful to Mr. Sunil from Arabian Biz Consultants to have guided us in approaching and doing business in the GCC markets. We do not have any doubts that we shall hire their services in the future as they will be assisting us to invest in those markets and put up our manufacturing presence. We highly reccommend all international companies to contact them as there is surely a win win situation with the kind of services that will be provided by this company. 

Nuno Guimarães, International Sales Manager at INOSAT

l, Nuno Guimarães, International Sales Manager at INOSAT (Portuguese company) state that Mr Sunil Shanker Belani from Arabian Biz was appointed as a professional consultant in Dubai UAE to open new markets for us in GCC countries. Mr Sunil was contracted for a period of 4 days (18th - 21st March 2013) to provide his professional services and on ground assistance by setting up our meeting agenda on the above mentionedates for Dubai Abu Dhabi and Shariah markets. We agree that Mr Sunil has proved the best of his ability by setting up our meetings with high profile companies that include Government Departments, Potential Partners & End Clients We have been very pleased with his services in terms of professionalism especially in regards to time management, last minute confirmations, quick responses and extremely co-operative behavior with flair of professionalism During this period of our trade visit to Dubai Mr Sunil provided the following services:

1) ldentifying market opportunities in UAE market.
2) Co-ordinate with us in sending us required company lists and mutually shortlist the companies of our interest.
3) Background check on those companies to check on their market standing.
4) Setting up meetings with top Government officials relating to our nature of business.
5) Setting up meetings with Potential partners who posed to be high net worth companies.
6) Setting up of meetings with end clients who were interested in buying our products & services with a promising feedback.
7) On ground assistance with complete time management skills.
8) Providing complete co-operation in supporting us during our meetings proving an asset on our trade visit.

We have no doubt or question to rate these services a success rate of 95% achievement as we definitely plan our next trade visits to Qatar and Saudi Arabia Mr Sunil has exceeded our expectations on our trade visit to Dubai UAE as we plan to employ his services again in the near future We highly recommend all other companies who wish to explore new business opportunities in GCC to contact Mr Sunil to assist and guide them through the process of entering into GCC markets lf you have any questions or queries in regards to Mr. Sunil capabilities and professionalism please do not hesitate to contact us anvtime.