Pathfinder & Business Accelerator Services

Arabian Biz Consultants and its partners are on the pay roll Euro Funds for Internationalization grants as they represent several European companies (ongoing) and also have been doing so in the past many years as professional Business Accelerators.

Business acceleration is a process and not a one off service; it encompasses a 360 degree approach to internationalization of business. Arabian Biz Consultants works closely with the Management and Stakeholders of client companies in assessing their individual needs and desires of internationalization in line with their corporate objectives. Client companies are led to make informed choices on mode of entry to the market and provided assistance on how they should position themselves with partners/ distributor and end customers. Effectively, the Acceleration process cuts the transit time by more than half for client companies as they make informed choices and avoid the regular pitfalls of entering new markets and new relationships based on the advice and experiences shared by Arabian Biz Consultants.